BRASIL INSURANCE PARTICIPAÇÕES E ADMINISTRAÇÃO S.A. ("Company" or Brasil Insurance), a publicly-held company, headquartered in the City and State of São Paulo, at Alameda Santos, n º 1.787, 5th floor, Cerqueira Cesar, CEP: 01419-002, enrolled with the CNPJ under No. 11.721.921/0001- 60, hereby, as a result of recent fluctuations in the value of its shares, reaffirm the trust of the management, brokers partners and employees in Company‘s business model.

Recent changes in our Management, that have been planned for a while, are part of the project "Evolução", coordinated by Falconi, which aims to improve the management, making operational processes more efficient and standardized between Company’s subsidiaries.

The succession of Mr. Antonio José Lemos Ramos has been carefully planned. As known, his name and the name of four other candidates are presented in Company‘s management proposal, to be members of the Board of Directors of Brasil Insurance in 2014/2015, which will be submitted to the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting to be held in April 30, 2014. The new CEO, in turn, will continue the process of professionalization of the Executive Board and will have all the support of brokers partners in the implementation of the business plan of Brasil Insurance.

We also emphasize the consistency of Company‘s financial position, reflected in the Financial Statements published today in "Valor Econômico", accompanied by the unqualified opinion from independent auditors, which copy can be found at the link:

São Paulo, April 4, 2014

Miguel Longo Junior
Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer