Brasil Insurance Participações e Administração S.A
. (BM&Bovespa ticker: BRIN3) ("Company") hereby announces that:

(i) Received a statement from its brokers , former shareholders of Verona S.A holding more than 95% of its assets (Brasil Insurance shares) stating that they decided of their own free will, to transfer the expiration of the lock- up of the Brasil Insurance shares they received after the dissolution of Verona SA , for after the announcement of results for the third quarter of 2013 (the period of validity of the original lock-up ended in November 2012). Such shares, although available, were not even partially sold in the market by their owners.

(ii) received a statement from the Directors of Brazil Insurance and its subsidiaries (brokers) , stating that 75 % (seventy five percent) of the amount received as dividends for the second quarter of 2013 will be used for the acquisition of outstanding shares in the market. In order to not interfere in the shares buyback program and to ensure absolute fairness, the purchases made by the directors will be organized jointly by the Company and the financial institution hired to act as an intermediary in this program to repurchase shares. These acquisitions should be necessarily performed through this financial institution.

With these measures the shareholders of Brazil Insurance and its Directors reaffirm their long-term commitment to the Company and full conviction in their present and future performance.

This attitude reinforces the commitment of the Brasil Insurance Founding Brokers - and those whose brokerages had been acquired after the IPO - with the principles that guided the creation of the Company.

Currently, Brazil comprehends 48 Insurance Brokers and is listed on the Novo Mercado segment, which requires compliance with the highest standards of corporate governance . The Company employs, directly and indirectly, approximately 1,100 employees , conducts an investment program which already totals R$ 375 million since the beginning of 2011.

São Paulo, September 2nd, 2013

Luis Eduardo Fischman
Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer

Investor Relations

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About Brasil Insurance:
Brasil Insurance is a company comprised by more than 48 brokerage firms, each founded by brokers with significant experience and an average of 20 years of activity in the insurance or insurance brokerage markets. Our brokerage companies sell a broad range of insurance products, including health and dental insurance plans, auto, fleet, large risks, surety, liability, engineering risk, transport and others. Brasil Insurance has 30 offices located in 10 states in Brazil serving customers throughout the country.